What are clogged pores?

Let's cut to the chase. Why clogged pores happen, and what's the best way to treat them.

[ Looking at you! Squeezing them out is a solid NO ]

Clogged pores?! What's that?

To sum it all up, when your sebum [ oil produced by your sebaceous glands ] mingles with unwanted things such as pollution debris, bacteria and dead skin, it causes a clogged pore.

Can I squeeze them out at home with my fingers or an extraction tool?

In short NO. Don't do it. Not now, not ever! Touching your skin trying to extract anything out, will eventually cause damaged skin, eventually leading to enlarged pores [ and I'm sure no one wants those, right? ]. And don't go out buying a sugar scrub or any kind of physical exfoliator, that'll do more damage than good.

What about nose strips?

On a personal note, I'd take a hard pass on those for a few reasons. Firstly, single use product? NO THANKS. Most of them [ if not all ] are not eco-friendly! Many of them also contain alcohols and other harsh ingredients that will actually further damage your skin, in worse cases you'll get a bad reaction, especially if you have skin conditions such as eczema, psoriosis, rosacea and sensitive skin.

So what now?

The best way [ in my opinion ] and a much more gentle approach would be using a chemical exfoliant such as BHA, which is oil-soluble. This means it penetrates deep within your pores and does a great job and clearing out excess sebum and dead skin cells.

[ more on BHA here ]

Here's the takeaway

Try finding a product containing BHA in their formula. You can find a variety of products such as cleansers, purifying masks, chemical exfoliating pads and peels. Make sure to always do a patch test when introducing a new product to your skincare routine.

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