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"Mochi Hada" Skin with The Essence by Tatcha

"Mochi Hada" means to have soft and plump skin, just like mochi [a japanese rice cake]. Who wouldn't want that? If you want to achieve Mochi Skin, then maintaining a balance of water/ oil in the skin is really important. So if Korea's " Glass Skin " trend isn't your thing, why not give Mochi skin a try? Here's how Tatcha's The Essence is the first step you need to replenish your skin.

Who can use it?

This Essence is suitable for all skin types and helps with uneven texture, fine lines & wrinkles as well as anti-aging.

What it promises

  • Anti-aging benefits thanks to their pure 98.7% Hadasei-3 [ a formula of Uji green tea, the purest and finest throughout Japan, Okinawa Mozuku Red Aglae & Akita Rice ]

  • Smooths and Resurfaces the skin due to the natural fermentation of these ingredients, producing lactic acid which increases cell turnover rate

  • Plumping and hydration by instantly doubling skin's moisture content, treating fine lines & wrinkles

  • Enhances the function of all skincare products applied to the skin afterwards

Personnal note

Let me tell you that I am NOT kidding when I say the results are INSTANT. The moment that Essence is absorbed into the skin, it just looks like I have baby skin all over again. The bottle is just down right gorgeous, the generous 150ml is ever lasting. It's an oil-free & non-comedogenic formula [ meaning it won't clog your pores, this wins extra points for me! ] It's dermatologist tested [ just a FYI not all products are, so this means it has some backed up research! ] And of course, who doesn't love a good old cruelty-free product?

The dispensing tip allows for just the right amount of Essence to drop into the palm of your hands, without using too much - or too little! And although you pay a solid $95 US before taxes or $124 CAD before taxes at Sephora, it really does last a long time and is 100% worth the money. I will for sure repurchase this essence [ before it runs out so I'm sure to always have some on hand! ]

The Tatcha Takeaway

Tatcha has proved over and over again how amazing their band is. From creating thought out advanced products with the help of renowned chemist Masato Tagawa, to researching through Geisha time-traceable documents indicating the daily beauty rituals of the 1800's, to donating to girl's education with every purchase made. This brand does not disappoint. They are completely transparent about what they use in their products and was created with the mindset of " Less is more " [ a philosophy I completely agree with! ]. Their line is suitable for people with the most sensitive/ reactive skin but can benefit anyone who is ready to embark on the Tatcha journey! If you're still reading, then head over to Tatcha and find out about their other products to achieve that Mochi Hada!

Cindy xx

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