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Sweet sweet propolis

Propolis. A word that's so easy to say it rolls off your tongue. What is it? Think the honey bees version of papier-mâché. It's literally bee saliva mixed with beeswax that's sourced from plants like saps and buds, then used to close off any unwanted holes in their hive for protection. So why exactly do skincare companies like to use this ingredient? Let me give you the lowdown on this honey bee magic, but first a bit of history!

Beleive it or not, propolis has been used all around the world for years and years in folk medicine so it's actually been around for a while. There's actually up to 13 different groups of propolis based on their characteristics and the flora surrounding. To keep things short, let's dive right into the 13th group, Red Propolis.

Do you struggle with acne and blemishes? Given the list of amazing properties here, I highly recommend you try incorporating propolis to your skincare routine! Oh I almost forgot! Propolis also can also help keep your excess sebum production in check!

Have you tried any propolis products? If you are not sure about investing too much into it, I'd suggest checking out this CPP French Propolis 82% Resistem Amoule available at Soko Glam.

I honestly can't praise thise little ampoule enough! It has a thick gel consistency, yet not sticky and absorbs very quickly into the skin leaving it glowy with a touch of gold! Funny how it's the last ingredient on the list, but you can clearly see gold pieces in the formula! Amazing! I received a new propolis serum that was kindly gifted by Banila Co so keep in touch to find out more about that one if you are interested. *SPOILER* the smell of honey was coming through the box!.

The takeaway

Propolis is an absolutely amazing ingredient that many of us can benefit from and can easily become a favourite addition to your skincare routine. I have heard of some formulas being a bit sticky, but most seem to really sink into the skin without any problem. If you have sensitive skin or are in need of some calming effect, propolis will help you too thanks to its ability to cool the temperature of your skin. This is an all around great produt and I think anyone should give it a try at least once!

Cindy xx

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