Hush hush..Squalane is a super ingredient, but don't tell!

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

If you're not familiar with this humectant then here's what you should know:


  • Free radical fighter

  • Oil production balancer

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Blood flow boosting, promoting collagen to form giving your skin that plump and firmness it so much desires

How does this sound so far? Carrying on..


  • Since squalene is naturally produced by our bodies, our skin gladly receives squalane without any feeling of greasiness and is lightweight enough to suit all skin types.

  • The molecular structure allows for it to penetrate deep within pores and treat skin concerns on a cellular level.

  • Best of all it NATURALLY seals moisture into the skin!

  • Great for people dealing with eczema and acne.

Amazing right?

Difference between Squalane & Squalene;


  • Is produced from Squalene through the process of Hydrogenation [ I know that was a mouth full, just bare with me and i'll explain that word later..]

  • Due to this process it has an extended shelf life

  • Doesn't clog pores


  • Is unstable and quickly spoils when exposed to oxygen.

  • It is also known to clog pores, which I am sure you definitely don't want.

If you didn't already know, deep-sea shark liver oil was the primary source of squalene [ an estimated of about 3000 sharks to produce 1 ton of squalene. ] So for best practice, try to find products that use plant-derived squalane that are labeled cruelty-free!

**So hydrogenation, is a chemical reaction between molecular hydrogen and another compound. This process is typically done to either reduce or saturate organic compounds

[ in this case Squalane is a saturated organic compound! ]

Here are my top 2 products that I own [ and am obsessed with ] that contain Squalane

The Birch Milk Refining Toner by Then I Met You

The Honey Dew Lip Mask by Then I Met You

Squalane and Moringa Radiance Face Serum by Ellie Bianca

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