Tips for feeling confident in your own skin

Here are some of my tips [ that I do every single day ] for feeling confident in my own skin.

Allow yourself at LEAST 6 inches away from the mirror.

This one is probably one of my favourite ones now, but a tip that took me YEARS to do. I used to constantly inspect my skin, but at an unreasonable distance. My face was so close to the mirror it was like I was looking through a microscope. To be completely honest, NO ONE [ except maybe your significant other ] is ever going to get that close to your face, so there's no reason why you should either. Take a step back. It'll give you some breathing space and allow you to see yourself the way others see you.

Acknowledge your skin the way it is. Flaws and all.

My skin isn't perfect. The truth is no one has perfect skin. But my skin journey has brought it this far and I am happy with it now. Would I like to achieve better results? Yes, definitely. But I will get there when I do. I have a excess sebum on my t-zone [ specifically my nose ] and require double cleansing, which I do every night and started double cleansing every other morning to see if there will be improvement. I have visible pores on my cheek area and get the occasional pimple or clogged pore [sometimes they really hurt too! ] But it's all good. As we move on when we run into something unexpected, so does our skin.

Less is more.

Makeup is just one of those things. Some wear it because they love it, some to hide their imperfections, some to give themselves an identity and for whatever other reasons there may be. Although I have nothing against makeup itself, I personally prefer to not use any at all. There will be the occasional time that I will decide to wear mascara, tight line my eyes or fill my brows but that's the most I ever wear [ I'm actually so used to seeing myself without any makeup that I feel uncomfortable wearing any at all and prefer it this way! ]. But don't resolve to makeup for the purpose of hiding your skin imperfections! Makeup won't fix those, a good skincare routine, time and patience [ patience is a virtue here ] will.

# no filter

In a world of forever evolving technology came high definition cameras with a new addition: beauty filters. This amazing filter that buffs out any fine details on your face can make even the most rough skins look flawless. As great as this feature is, it can negatively impact someone leading them to unconsciously think and feel that they need to use a filter to look beautiful. For that reason I personally prefer to never use the beauty filter. Instead we should focus on normalizing natural skin and embrace it.


We ALL have different skin. Even if we have the same "skin type" our skins are different and unique to our own. Nowadays when we look at people online or in photos, their faces are either full of makeup or Photoshoped to conceal any imperfections. Let this be a reminder that this is not a reality [ okay fine, there are SOME people who have gorgeous skin without any effort, but there might be other things that make them feel less confident ]. Comparing yourself to someone who looks like their skin is perfect might actually be completely covered up in makeup [ nothing wrong here ] but don't make yourself feel less beautiful because you don't look like someone else.

Consistent skin care routine.

If you are committed and consistent with a good skincare routine, doing that alone is a great step to healthy looking skin. [ Granted that you are using products that suit your skin type ] . Anyone can achieve " Glass Skin " or " Mochi Hada " AND have a pimple at the same time. That's totally fine. And trust me. People will notice how great you look.

I hope these 6 tips will be helpful to anyone looking to feel confident in their own skin. These are things I do every single day and what helped me overcome what I thought were imperfections. Everyone is different and we have to embrace that.

The most important takeaway here is to have PATIENCE and be COMMITTED to healthier skin.

Cindy xx

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