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Royal Jelly for everyone

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

This ingredient is sort of in a grey area. Some sites describe it as a fancy substance, while others claim there really isn't anything about this ingredient that's worth much hype. So I did a bit of digging over here, and found that the composition of royal jelly is about 57-70% water, 3.5-19% lipid content & 18-52% hydrocarbon content. It's also noted there that taking it orally has no significant benefits. So the Royal Jelly acid [ or Queen Bee acid ] contains a bio-active compound [ 10-HDA ] and is being investigated for it's pharmacological activities and may be found effective to treat and prevent neurological disorders. The percentages given above don't quite mention to quantity of proteins in the Royal jelly compound, but in other resources that I've found, it states that the percentage of proteins is around 12.5%.

What exactly is royal jelly?

It's actually a secretion provided by nursing bees, used as nutrition for the larvae and adult queens. The chosen queens will be fed ridiculous amounts of royal jelly, inside their specially constructed queen cells, which will actually trigger the development of their morphology giving them ovaries and the ability to lay eggs in the future.

Just like honey and propolis, Royal jelly was also used in ancient times for traditional medicine for it's Major Royal Jelly proteins (MRJPs) which can be broken down into nine different families of proteins. Five of those proteins acually make up 83-90% of total proteins in Royal Jelly.

So alot of protein talk, just to put it out there, proteins are one of the building blocks for skin's tissue! So it's to no surprise that you may find Royal Jelly as one of the ingredients in a product that claims will give your skin a healthy complexion or smooth skin.

The reason why Royal Jelly is sort of in a grey area is simply because research on it is very limited with little conclusion about it's benefits. It certainly can't hurt to incorporate it though!

Here's a new product, the Ms. Flower and Mr. Honey Cream

It's been revamped with an additional 3 ingredients and feels amazing! I won't talk about it too much here as I will have a dedicated article about this line in a few days.

But if you really want some insight: It has an amazingly rich texture that melts upon application. Your skin will feel smooth and smell like honey. Surprisingly, not too occlusive even though it's formulated to lock in moisture. If my combination skin can handle it without feeling oily a few hours later, we have a winner!


Off Banila.COM

Ms Flower & Mr Honey Cream



Ms Flower & Mr. Honey Cream

The takeaway

Always be mindful of the ingredients in a skincare product. While research is very limited on this perticular ingredient, it's still been around for quite some time and has been used for centuries. When talking about any ingredient that are related to bees, if you have any history of bee or honey allergy, I strongly advise you to either do a patch test first or avoid it.

Cindy xx

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