Here's how to get Mochi Skin

First of all, what IS "Mochi Skin" or "Mochi Hada Skin"? Well, unlike the famous Kbeauty trend "Glass Skin" where one would seek to get that poreless, lustrus, smooth, flawless, glass-like skin which would require an extensive skincare routine combined with makeup [or not], Mochi Hada Skin's main focus is making sure the routine provides a well-nourished & healthy skin. The best part is, anyone can embark on this journey with as little as 4 steps! Let's talk about the basics then extra steps you can add!

Just like the Geishas do

Ever heard of "Less is more"? Think of Mochi Skin in the same way. For centuries Geishas have used heavy makeup while maintaining porcelain looking skin. But how? With a focus on effectively & gently removing makeup as the first step. Here's how:

1. A solid double cleansing routine is KEY

In order to have healthy, clean skin, you need to remove all the impurities. And the most effective and gentle way is by double cleansing. First with an oil based cleanser [cleansing oil OR cleansing balm], but you can also choose a micellar water if the first two aren't your

thing. This will ensure that all makeup, dirt & grime as well as sunscreen is removed from the skin. Follow-up with a water based cleanser which could be really any cleanser you want as long as it's not stripping! This will further remove other things like sweat, sebum & pore clogging impurities.

Now, this is assuming you want to do this method using a normal cleanser. The Geisha method [according to Tatcha] would be using a skin-polishing cleanser. This type of cleanser comes in powder form, and harnesses the power of natural papaya enzymes to provide your skin with that ever so gentle skin exfoliation, cleanses your face without stripping the skin of it's natural moisture or breaking the skin's natural barrier function. Unlike traditional Western skincare where vigourisly exfoliating the skin once or twice a week is more common, Geisha inspired rituals preffer to gently buff skin daily. So if this is the route you choose, then skip the water based cleanser and replace it with this one! I promise you'll quickly fall in love!

Before we move onto step 2, I wanted to share some knowledge I've recently incorporated into my routine to get the MOST out of my Mochi Hada Skin journey. According to Sofie Taylor, a qualified Therapist & Acne Specialist, there are certain times of day/night when our skin takes in products better. Here's how she explains it:

You can see here, she explains that between 5 am and 11 am, our skin is less likely to absorb products and more likely to have a reaction, which is why opting for lighter textures & protecting our skin should be daytime's main focus.

Then between 4 pm to 12 am, our skin is at it's peak of high temperatures and water loss, which is why choosing actives and richer textures in the evening would be a better option! I'd like to add also, since oil production is also at it's peak, this would be a good time to incorporate serums that help control excess sebum! [This is me talking to myself and all ya'll oily/acne prone skin folks!]

I'm a very visual person, and I am SO glad I stumbled upon Sofie's Instagram page! It's been a real game changer for me! It can be very easy to over saturate an infographic with images and texts, but she draws everything so plain and simple to understand so I really appreciate her work! Plus it makes her content really original and I personally find this detail makes her stand out! Want to know more about her? Click over here

Okay so back to step 2 of the Mochi Hada Skin ritual, combining this routine with now what I've learned from Sofie Taylor

2. Replenish with essences & hydrating serums

The next step is focused on repleninshing the skin with a deeply hydrating essence [or lotion which is a more common term in Japanese cosmetics] &/or hydrating serums! I say &/or because really you can choose one or the other, and combining both is not a necessity for the mochi skin look! Let's quickly break this down:

AM: A deeply hydrating lotion. I personally like to layer as needed, depending on the weather, how dry it is and how dry my skin is. So I typically use the 7 skin approach here. NO, you don't need to layer your lotion 7 times, but the idea of the 7 skin method is that you layer hydrating products, from thin to thick [mists count as a layer as well!]. I personally do about 3 layers here, 2 essences and 1 serum [most likely my vitamin C serum for some daytime antioxidant protection!] which is not a hydrating one by the way. This will ensure that your skin is deeply hydrated and will stay so, throughout the day. Again, JUST the lotion is perfectly good as is.

PM: A deeply hydrating lotion + hydrating serum. At this time of day [or should I say night?] you can allow your skin to indulge in some delightful richer textures. Because I choose to use heavier products in the evening, I lay off layering my essences [lotions] here and cut back to 1 or 2 [usually 1 though]. Then while my skin is still damp, I follow-up with a deeply hydrating serum.

Want to go full Geisha method? Find a serum that's formulated with licorice extract to help even out your skin tone for a brighter look!

3. Moisturize!

Here's the thing. This also depends on your skin type, but supposedly your second step was more than enough hydration, you could actually skip the actual "moisturizer" and just use a hydrating serum here! For the AM routine this is where I find would be ideal, to replace your moisturizer for a serum as they are typically lightweight, just make sure it's a hydrating one! For your PM routine, a deliciously rich moisturizer to lock everything in would be a good option.

4. Sunscreen, the most affordable anti-aging product you can buy!

This goes without saying, that this step only applies to your morning routine [and throughout the day!]. So in reality, your journey to Mochi Skin is anywhere from 3 to 4 steps!

Quick Skin Type Guide For Cleansing

Normal Skin: Double cleanse with oil or balm + water based cleanser or micellar water

Dry Skin: Double cleanse with oil or balm + micellar water

Oily/ Acne Prone Skin: Double cleanse with oil + gel cleanser or micellar water

Sensitive Skin: Double cleanse with balm that contains hydrating/repairing properties + cleanser or micellar water with soothing properties and without irritants

So what now?

Well this is really how you attain that plump, juicy & hydrated skin in a nutshell. A routine that's simple at it's core. But what if you want more? Sure, everyone wants more! You could...

  1. Sheet mask every other day [one with licorice extract, green tea, hyaluronic acid, fermented rice water just to name a few goodies..]

  2. Seek help from a professional who could give you hydrafacials!

  3. Avoid using a towel on your face post cleansing and let your skin absorb the water instead!

  4. Add facial oil as your last step. This is COMPLETELY optional and could be skipped all together, especially during summer time unless you have VERY dry skin! I personally started incorporating a facial oil as my last step in my pm routine and wake up with super soft skin.

What ingredients should you use & look for?

As I've mentioned already, Mochi Hada Skin focuses on nourishing the skin, hydration & overall skin health. Here's a few ingredients to look for in your products:

  1. Hyaluronic Acid

  2. Vitamin C

  3. Ceramides

  4. Peptides

  5. Enzyme type exfoliation [like the powder cleanser] over acid exfoliation

  6. Green tea

  7. Glycerin

  8. Squalane

  9. Fermented rice water

  10. Rice germ oil

The takeaway

Like any beauty ritual, you can choose to go with a lengthy routine, or a short one! This was just an example of a short routine, specifically the ways of the Mochi Hada Skin. It's typically short, but it doesn't mean that you can't add a few more steps so long as it goes along the lines of nourishing, hydrating & enhances overall skin health! A quick way to remember is:

  1. Cleanse

  2. Hydrate

  3. Moisturize

  4. Protect

**Side note. If you have oily skin, you can skip the moisturizer and just settle for a good hydrating serum or you could pair a hydrating serum with an oil-free moisturizer!

And that's it!

You are now a Mochi Skin pro! If you decide to share your journey with me, feel free to use my hashtag #outglowstatus to be featured in my stories so I can share your journey with others!

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