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Don't Waste Maple Syrup On Your Crepes, Lather It On Your Face!

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Maple Extract could be the SECRET ingredient we've all been waiting for to treat anti-aging, here's why:

What sparked the discovery

Founder and CEO of B.Kamins [Ben Kaminsky ] had an epiphany while on a winter fishing trip in Northern Canada. He wondered how it was possible that surrounding the lake, only maple trees were the only plant life that were able to survive the cold, harsh weather. As this sparked the utmost curiosity, the Pharmaceutical and Dermatological Chemist took some samples to the lab for further investigation and found amazing things:

The serum form the was rich in ;

  • polysaccharides

  • antioxidants

  • minerals

  • natural preservatives

  • alpha-hydroxy acid

Sound good already? There's more

The extract was non-greasy, non-sticky which made it an ideal candidate for skincare use. After purification of the maple serum, Mr. Ben Kaminsky had created an all-natural, non-toxic skin-penetrating additive that he named Bio-Maple! (The name alone sounds good enough to eat! )

B.Kamins is a clinical line with treatment solutions for skin conditions such as rosacea, acne, sensitive skin, hyperpigmentation, aging, extreme dryness and hormonal change. (sound like you? )

Say YES to replenished, renewed and hydrated skin barrier!

Still reading? Here's a few more things I found on this hidden [maple extract] gem, in a nutshell:
  • Properties are similar to a plant-based botox, no injection required! This is a topical application!

  • The GCGs compound ( Glutinol-Core-Containing Gallotannis) can shield skin from inflamation, treat spots & pigmentation

  • This is the perfect ingredient to treat your wrinkles!

Here are some brands that have incorporated Maple extract into their formula

  • B. Kamins uses their signature Bio-Maple in ALL of their skincare products

  • Dr. Brandt's Radiance Resurfacing Foam; This formula uses the alpha-hydroxy acid from maple sugar

  • Tata Harper's Creme Riche; uses the extract from the bark of Red Maple tree as an antioxidant source

So what do you think about Maple leaf extract? Would you incorporate it in your skincare routine?

This blog is in no way sponsored/ affiliated or partnered with any companies mentioned above.

Cindy xx

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