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#BanilaCo MISS PINK GLOBAL series

An article of the Banila Co. MISS PINK GLOBAL series, part.1

A summary of the brand

If you aren't familiar with BanilaCo., they are a South Korean cosmetic brand that was founded in 2005 and best known for their Cleansing balms, Banila Co. Clean It Zero. In 2017, a new slogan brought their brand's movement to life "Skincare for Makeup" as they introduced new skincare products with innovative formulations intended to target all skin types and skin concerns with affordable prices. Their formulations are fundamentally based on two main skin conditions "Before and After Makeup".

Since it's inception, they have now created a line of cleansing balms intended for every skin type:

Banila Co. Clean It Zero Original - suited for combination skin & all skin types

Banila Co. Clean It Zero Revitalizing - suited for oily skin types

Banila Co. Clean It Zero Purifying - suited for sensitive skin types

Banila Co. Clean It Zero Nourishing - suited for dry skin types

I will further discuss the products mentioned above in my part 2 of the Miss Pink Global series, so today I want to discuss their NEW addition to the iconic Clean It Zero line, The Banila Co. Clean It Zero VITA PUMPKIN !

First impressions

I have three things to point out before I get into the details here. The COLOUR of the packaging, the balm and the SMELL. You know when you have one of those Oh-My-Goodness moments? Yeah. This was one of them for me. I'm a creature of habit, and have been sticking to my regular cleansing balm since I've discovered it, read about it here. But THIS one sets the other cleansing balms of the Clean It Zero line apart. They always choose the best colours for the packaging, a beautiful soft pastel colour [who wouldn't want that?] and whitout fail, they've nailed down this soft peachy orange colour to perfection. This also applies to the balm itself, although it is not a distinct orange you can see the slight tint and I LOVE IT. The smell on the other hand was a COMPLETE show stopper for me! A lot of brands out there create pumpkin scented products but they mostly smell like a pumpkin spiced something [no judgement, and there's nothing wrong with that!] BUT, this cleansing balm smells like pumpkin! That same exact smell you find yourself immersed in while cutting open a raw pumpkin open. So FRESH and SO on point! I've never smelled anything like this!

The Quintet-Essential formula

Focusing on making the skin healthy with high removability here's a quick look at the five highlighted ingredients:

Pumpkin extract


This extract is full of antioxidants like beta-carotene [vitamin A derivative], vitamin C and vitamin E. This trinity works hard to brighten your skin complexion while stimulating collagen, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, helps maintaining your skin moisturized and firms up the skin while protecting it from free radicals.

Acne-prone skin approved

A main component of pumpkin is zinc which is a mineral with anti-inflammatory properties. There is also a bit of information about it's possibility to help decrease sebum production.


Because pumpkin extract contains fruit enzymes and Alpha Hydroxy Acids [read more about AHAs here] this ingredients does great in the department of removing dead skin cells and boost your cell turnover rate, thus giving you achieve a smoother and brighter complexion.


The fatty acids contained in pumpkin extract provide the skin with ultra light hydration, while doing great at preventing moisture loss. Even more, it improves the skin's barrier function!

Retinyl Palmitate

This is a derivative of vitamin A and what I actually mean by that is it's actually the most gentle of vitamin A derivatives. If you wanted to try out retinoids but are worried about irritation, this is is the perfect beginners to retinoids. It's quite fascinating that it works with the skin's natural enzymes to then convert it to retinol. It's actually so gentle, that it could arguably be used on a daily basis so this is very suitable for sensitive skin. Although reactions are not typical with retinyl palmitate, if you are prone to super sensitive skin always be cautions and patch test first.


This counter acts the appearance of flaky skin and dry skin. It promotes cell turnover by acting as an exfoliant and increases collagen production. It also keeps pores clear as a bonus!

Tochopheryl Acetate

This vitamin E derivative acts as an antioxidant due to its ability to fight off free radicals and protects the skin from sun damage. It provides moisture to the skin and helps strengthen the skin's protective barrier. Another thing worth mentioning is it's anti-inflammatory properties which can really help calming the skin. Even if reactions are typically rare with Tochopheryl Acetate, rashes and irritations are still a possibility so if you have sensitive reactive skin, very oily skin or even acne-prone skin I'd highly suggest conducting a patch test first! [Learn how to do patch testing here.]

Ascorbyl Glucoside

If you don't know where to begin with vitamin C, this derivative is a good place to start. Not only is ascorbyl glucoside the most gentle of vitamin C derivatives but it's also the more stable of the bunch! A quick breakdown of it's composition is that it's essentially vitamin C + glucose [ a simple sugar, or a monosaccharide in other words.] You may also know it as vitamin CG on the ingredients list. So what's god about this?

Well it's a powerful antioxidant for starters. It fights off free-radicals, helps treat dark spots as well as helps pigments fade, and it also boosts collagen production.

Brighter skin

If you're looking to enhance your skin's radiance, brighten your complexion and treat fine lines and wrinkles, this vitamin C derivative does the job. As mentioned earlier, this is the least potent of all forms so I wouldn't expect intense results [like the ones you may get from L-ascorbic acid]. But that being said, this quality makes it suitable for all skin types!

Paired with Niacinamide, you can create a marriage that will address fine lines and wrinkles, uneven complexion, large pores, loss of skin's firmness and skin's elasticity!



Protects the skin from free-radicals and helps even out skin tone. This star ingredient is also good for maturing skin! Another important side note is that beta-carotene is often used in skincare products for it's vibrant colour which explains where this balm gets it's pigment from! It's a natural alternative to synthetic dyes!

Now that that's covered let's head over to texture and what's in it for this cleansing balm

Zero Impurities! This cleansing balm has a sherbet like consistency. To be exact, once

applied to the skin it immediately collapses into this featherweight balm.

This balm gets rid of makeup and removes sebum. A perfect marriage of

natural oils and water for that deep and effective cleansing your skin


Zero Irritation! Although formulated with derivatives of vitamin A and vitamin C, [that

could potentially cause irritation in it's other forms] the ingredients were

meticulously selected and are the least potent versions resulting in a

gentle formula.

Zero Dryness! As a first cleansing step, it's important that the first product you use will

be gentle and non-stripping yet effective. This cleansing balm leaves your

skin feeling soft, hydrated and ready for the second cleanse.

Skin's Vitality UP! This cleansing balm has just the right amount of goods to leave your skin

feeling moist and healthy looking thanks to it's natural [and gentle]

exfoliants and fatty acids.

The takeaway

So basing myself off of all the ingredients mentioned above, it brings me to suggest that the Banila Co Clean It Zero Vita Pumpkin would be suitable for most skin types [even sensitive skin] and mature skin or anyone looking to simply brighten their complexion! I would suggest however to maybe patch test if you're part of the sensitive reactive skin, very oily skin or even acne-prone skin group, due to the retinyl palmitate. But if you're an expert in skincare, or know for sure that your skin can handle this ingredient then I would add this cleansing balm to my shopping cart right now! I STILL can't get over the fresh pumpkin smell it's really invigorating!

Watch this cleanser in action over here!

Stay tuned for part 2 of the Banila Co. MISS PINK GLOBAL series! ♥♥♥

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