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A brand that lives and breathes "Jeong 정 "

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

A brand that lives and breathes Jeong

The concept of - Jeong - is defined as " A deep and emotional connection you can have with someone, places or things that matter most and is only achieved by taking the time to develop those connections. "

Then I Met You was created by Charlotte Cho with the concept of Jeong in mind, which is by the way one of the main reasons I bought the TIMY products! Here are my thoughts:

The Cleansing Duo

Starting off with the first step of the Cleansing Duo (and my personnal favourite), The Living Cleansing Balm, Winner of the 2019 Allure Best Of Beauty Awards & the 2019 Hello Giggles Beauty Award

The Living Cleansing Balm

At first glance, how could I not be excited to try a cleansing balm with a packaging as beautiful as this one? It's gradient lower half shows off the vibrant orange colour the balm has thanks to the seabuckthorn oil which has a high carotene content.

A nourishing balm

The moment I opened that jar I was completely overwhelmed by how amazing this cleansing balm smelled! The scent is very subtle but fresh and light. Even citrus-y.

And can we PLEASE talk about that texture! This balm has a very soft sherbet like texture I personally have NEVER come across any cleansing balms like this one. There is NO waxy feeling like the others I have tried. It immediately collapses the moment it gets in contact with the skin and just melts everything away! This cleansing balm also got extra points for me because it doesn't blur my vision ( or burn ) if it gets in contact with my eyes.

For someone like me, I have combination skin (normal/oily) and sensitive prone, The Living Cleansing Balm has been a life saver and has become a necessity in my skincare routine. It leaves my skin feeling deeply nourished, soft and healthy looking. It was formulated to suit all skin types, without any fragrances (which is unbelievable considering how delicious it smells!), parabens, mineral oils, alcohol, silicone or artificial colouring as well as being a vegan and cruelty-free product.

Now is the part where I break down the price. Is The Living Cleansing Balm worth it?

On Then I Met You you can purchase it for $38 USD. For someone like me in Canada, that's equivalent to $51.60 CAD, shipping NOT included. Would I still buy it? Yes. Yes I would. I personally only double cleanse in the evening, so if I'm using the correct amount of cleansing balm (because I often use around 3 maybe 4 times more than what I should ) then I think it would last me at least about 3 months? So that means it comes up to about $17.20 CAD/ month if I were to use it over the course of 3 months. It's actually cheaper than another cleansing oil that I love very much, which is available at Sephora for $62 CAD.

There are certainly more affordable cleansing balms and cleansing oils out there, however I promise that Then I Met You's Living Cleansing Balm has set the bar pretty high in terms of quality ingredient standards.

Actually after the very first use, I went straight to my computer and purchased the Cleansing Duo to make sure I didn't run out of the cleansing balm. It's just THAT good.

Moving on to the second step of the Cleansing Duo, the Soothing Tea Cleansing Gel, winner of the 2019 Brides Beauty Awards ( and TSA friendly by the way! )

The Soothing Tea Cleansing Gel

Unlike it's radiant friend The Living Cleansing Balm, The Soothing Tea Cleansing Gel doesn't have anything making it stand out more than other cleansers. The packaging is a solid Periwinkle, with writing of what the product is and the brands name. However, it's not too big, easy to hold and is lightweight so could easily be carried anywhere if you're on-the-go!

There is no notable scent that stands out, but the consistency is outrageously satisfying! This gel colour looks like heavily steeped green tea that's thicker than honey! It has this kind of playfully bouncy texture and honestly # texturetuesday worthy if you're part of the Instagram community! You're friends and followers will most definitely want to try this one!

Apply this cleanser as the second step of your double cleansing routine ( post-Living Cleansing Balm heaven! ) on damp face. I do want to mention how unlike most cleansers out there, this one DOES NOT suds up like you would expect it to. But that's okay, and a little goes a long way. Personally I find that because it doesn't foam up like many do, I tend to take more time and care into this cleansing step and really take the time to massage my face ( usually even more than a minute! It just feels SO good! )

Many water-based cleansers are in fact formulated with water, but The Soothing Tea Cleansing Gel is formulated with Fermented Rice Water ( yup, sake! ) as a star ingredient to really remove impurities as well as a blend of PHA's and plant-based antioxidants and hydrators to keep your skin feeling soft and not stripped dry.

I love using this cleanser alone during my morning routine as it is very gentle, and use it as the second step of my double cleansing during my evening routine. This cleanser was also formulated to suit all skin types and gentle enough for everyday use. My skin is always left feeling plump, not stripped and is left with a healthy glow. I always try to make sure I have a backup of this cleanser too, so I don't run out.

In terms of pricing, this cleanser is $36 US which means I pay a generous amount of $48.90 CAD just for a cleanser. And since I use it morning and night, it's without surprise that I go through this one fairly quick. However, as I mentioned earlier, a little goes a long way. Typically my cleansers of 100ml will last me about 3 months. So that's $16.3 per/month over the course of 3 months. Doesn't sound as bad now does it?

The good news is, you can also purchase The Cleansing Duo for less than buying the individual products! ( $38 US for Living Cleansing Balm and $36 US for Soothing Green Tea Gel) But together you only have to pay $68 US which sums up to $92.4 CAD (so that's around $30 CAD per / month )

The Skin Balancing Duo

Then I Met You was intended for us to Glow Deeper, so it's only natural to pursue the next products from that line The Skin Balancing Duo ( If you've enjoyed the first two steps of course! But how can you not , right? )

As the third step of a good korean skincare routine let's dive into Then I Met You's Birch Milk Refining Toner.

Marrying Korean with Western

For Then I Met You's toner, Charlotte Cho wanted to marry the concept of a hydrating Korean toner with a Western acid treatment.

The Birch Milk Refining Toner

The bottle is a very straightforward simple design coloured with TIMY's signature Periwinkle. It's very easy to hold and not too big, and just like the cleanser is also a TSA friendly packaging. I really love that Charlotte took that into account because it makes travelling with our products so much easier and although this bottle is not plastic (which I much prefer! ) it's still very light!

Once again, the TIMY line does not disappoint! The Birch Milk Refining Toner has a beautiful ( almost periwinkle) milky colour to it and doesn't leave you skin feeling sticky at all. There's this really slight fragrance that smells amazing, and upon application can almost instantly see results. This toner has an amazing formula containing 76% concentrated birch juice with an optimal blend of acids to help remove dead skin cells, treat hyperpigmentation, reducing sun damage, gently exfoliating the skin while moisturizing and antioxidant activity without sensitizing the skin. It also contains marshmallow root extract that has skin softening properties as well as squalane to help maintain moisture and help absorb products into the skin.

It honestly feels like a glass of water for the skin. I've had toners that actually felt very stripping and some that didn't provide any results even after long term use. But this toner has definitely been a game changer for me!

I use this toner at my morning routine ( trying to minimize my skincare routine, and currently my evening one I'm using jbeauty products! ). But it's an all around gentle product and can be used day and night everyday. Like all products I've talked about so far, this one is also formulated to suit all skin types, as well as being cruelty-free and free of all synthetic dyes, fragrances, parabens and alcohol (seriously THANK YOU for not adding alcohol in this toner a swear this is why it doesn't dry out my skin! ) If you are sensitive prone ( as I am ) or sensitive to fragrances it's always good to just to a test patch in case!

All in all, my skin was left feeling a lot more plump and brighter and my skin texture was evened out all over.

A budget friendly toner

This baby is 100% worth the money! I only ever use about 2-3 drops for my entire face and neck, so this 100ml bottle will last forever ( I honestly can't remember how long I've been using mine for and I'm just under half way empty !!). You can buy it for $32 US which means I pay $43.50 CAD. Considering I've been using this toner religiously for a while I'm going to say it's worth about $8.70 CAD per/ month assuming I use it on a 5 months basis (toners tend to last a really long time for me, here's my tip, don't use cotton pads just use your hands and pat onto face and neck!! Less waste I promise! ) Would I recommend, YES. Would I buy again? ALWAYS. 100% this toner is part of my Top Shelfie!

The Giving Essence

After I apply toner I always inspect my skin to see if it needs a little extra love. I find that my chin and mouth area are always more susceptible to appearing a little more dehydrated, and I always like to give my skin an extra glowing boost so this is where I always add The Giving Essence before my moisturizer!

A deeply hydrating essence

An absolutely gorgeous gradient bottle! I love this fine detail because it shows you what the product looks like inside so you know what to expect! Also, this is free of artificial colouring! The Giving Essence actually gets it's dark pink colour from red algea which is actually one of the star ingredients for this essence.

This essence feels extremely lightweight with no sticky finish and absorbs almost instantly in the skin leaving it brighter and deeply hydrating. This essence has a unique formula of over 80% fermented ingredients which sets it apart from many essences out there, some key ingredients here black chokeberry for anti-aging, ellagic acid for UV ray protection and skin brightening properties, polyglutamic acid for hydration and niacinamide to help retain skin moisture as well as increase antioxidant activity.

Another feature that I really love about it is that if you feel like it's too hot to put on a moisturizer, you can just end your routine with this essence since it's really hydrating ( but don't skip the SPF, you still need it! )

It'll last you a lifetime!

This gorgeous essence costs a wooping $50 US which means $67.93 CAD. Sounds like a lot for an essence? ( hear me out first! ). Although you may have to pay this hefty sum, there's 100ml of this beauty essence and you ONLY need 1-2 drops ( or 4 if you're greedy like me! ) and like the Toner, this bottle will honestly last you a lifetime! Let's say The Giving Essence lasts about 6 months assuming I use it every single day morning and night, that means it'll only cost around $11.30 CAD per / month! ( a Starbucks Venti size coffee and a cookie are worth more than this! ) I honestly swear by this essence and would definitely recommend it to anyone especially for someone who has dehydrated skin or someone looking to brighten up their dull complexion!

Here's where you can buy the Skin Balancing Duo for $78 US or $106 CAD ( instead of $32 US for the Toner + $50 US for the Essence which would come up to $82 US or $111.40 CAD)

The Calming Tide Gel Cream

Here's the final product of my long review: The Calming Tide Gel Cream

This is the last product of the TIMY line (that I've tried so far, I know they've recently came out with the Honey Dew Lip Mask but I've yet to try it. I actually bought one today so I'll update this review once I've tried it! )

Like a pebble washed up on shore

First thing I want to point out is the shape of this moisturizer! I'm obsessed. There's nothing else to add to that statement. I love how the shape of this packaging goes well with the name : Calming Tide Gel Cream. Plus it's super lightweight and fits in any bag even in my Matt & Nat vintage clutch!

For my combo skin nothing beats a good hydrating moisturizer that is lightweight in texture. Especially during the summer months like this year, although it can be tempting to completely omit a moisturizer, I still like to put some on after The Giving Essence ( in case you didn't know, our bodies can lose up to 3 to 4 litres of water daily! ) So if I can add an extra layer to enhance hydration to my skin for the day, the better!

This moisturizer really has a unique formula that is suitable for all skin types, even those sensitive to fragrances, which again it doesn't contain any synthetic fragrances just like the previous products.

Here's a little breakdown for different skin types:

If you have normal, oily, combination or acne-prone:

As I just mentioned, it's a super lightweight moisturizer that provides amazing hydration, thanks to the formula containing Madecassoside it calms the skin and helps repair the skin barrier ( hello sensitive-skin! this super star ingredient also helps wound healing, redness and inflamed skin!)

If you have dry skin that needs that extra hydrating boost:

You can use this as a layering serum before an oil / cream based moisturizer to lock all that goodness in!

I can't speak too much about my experience with this moisturizer as I haven't use it for a long time yet. However I'm noticing my skin significantly feeling firmer, hydrated all day as well as my overall skin texture is evened out. So I would say that I am very happy with it so far!

The Calming Tide Gel Cream is $42 US so $57 CAD. It does seem like a small moisturizer so I wouldn't mind a larger version, however I only really need a little less than a quarter size to apply it all over my face and neck.

During the Soko Glam February Curations 2020, Jessica, Soko Glam Senior Manager of Merchandising at Soko Glam talks about her experience with The Birch Milk Refining Toner.

Where she talks about her struggles with hormonal acne and sensitive/ reactive skin and how it helped improve her skin overall.

I hope this review helped you want to give Then I Met You a try. It was created with deep thought by Charlotte Cho (founder of Then I Met You & Soko Glam).

With the concept of Jeong in mind, I think all of us can Outglow with whatever routine we want. Just make sure to choose products with Ingredients that matter.

By the way you can also purchase the Then I Met You Essentials here.

This is not a sponsored/ paid/ or affiliated review in any way. I simply wrote this review based on my personal experience with Then I Met You and wanted to share my honest opinions here.

Cindy xx

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